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Hari Nayak - Chef, Restaurateur, Author

Hari Nayak is much more than a chef, now today he is a restaurateur, author in addition to a culinary consultant in North America. Hari Nayak started his epicurean travel in the Culinary Institute of America and he is one of the most wanted chefs because of his style, now.
Once it comes to Indian food, the frequent misconception is that the groundwork style has to be complex. Hari has been able to elucidate that Indian cooking can be prepared at a style, with all the contemporary trappings, however appealing to the frequent household cook at precisely the identical moment. After working in India travel into the convention, he went on to work at restaurants from New York, London and Paris.

Today, he's the author of the bestseller Modern Indian Cooking, a book that features the simple yet eclectic design of Hari’s meals. Hari Nayak has been able to offer a brand new modern outlook in Indian cuisine, one that's currently developing a feeling of types in North America now. His new novel is My Toilet by Tuttle publishing.

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