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Hi subscribers! If you have stopped by since you are considering purchasing one of my books, welcome! If you have stopped by since you believed you'd typed Harry Potter, I have a nice day, and'm sorry. I write full time, having given up my job (working in publishing) to perform so six decades back. I live with my partner Chris (half an American) and our little girl Cora (thus a quarter American, though that is how fractions work. Is that just how fractions work?) in London.

I'm quite enthusiastic about my new novel, '' A PLACE FOR US. It's in hardcover, and this is the first time that I've been published in hardcover in the US. I am also the very proud of this publication. It is different from the other novels in that it's a meaty saga about a family reunion in an old rambling country house where a load of keys are put to come out. I loved writing it. I understood something special was being written by me and I don't normally think that!

The response in the UK to Your Place for Us has been very positive and the book was a top ten bestseller. So I am crossing my fingers and feet that it is well-liked in the States. If you've ever tried to cross the toes you may know how hard this is and how committed.

My FB webpage is please come by and say hi if you'd love to get in contact, or on Twitter, @HarrietEvans OR my personal site, which is Hearing from real real-life readers would be the best aspect of being a writer, frankly, so please get in touch, even if to say that you hate everything we have done. Thanks for reading this!

Harrie x

*I'm lying. Please do not get in contact to mention that. Thanks ever so.

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