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Harmesh understands this book is devoted to losing belly and that the dangerous and stubborn fat to wellness is fat.

Harmesh has firsthand understanding of precisely how difficult it's to lose that stubborn fat. As much as his mid-teens that he had been underweight but at the past 30 years that he had continuously been putting on weight. He had tried all the diets, some number of belly fat plans he could detect, joined different fitness centers, read countless belly fat diet publication products, and tried each of the ‘magical potions’ and 'wonder remedies' for losing abdomen fat.

He knows the pain, frustration and struggle that one encounters from the practice of losing a bit of weight only to stack it back and getting depressed and end up stress eating... making things worse because now he got that little bit of#x2018;additional’ fat.

After attempting practically countless approaches, life was starting to get difficult even in the smallest and simplest items. To his embarrassment, even simply be achieved from any normal shop. It's not a good feeling when you're forced to pick between what matches rather than the most recent fashions. Simple things such as being able to sit down or lie had could become embarrassing, realizing chairs had to be powerful until #x2019 ;d & he actually consider sitting down to them. He literally flinched occasions, recalling times when he fell down the chair.

More worryingly than all of this was the deterioration in his health, it felt like he had grown old too soon. Aches and pains became the everyday norm and only walking to the backyard or doing things that were easy as going up stairs had become very problematic.
While constantly saying he was going to drop weight covertly, deep inside Harmesh believed there was no hope.

Nothing was functioning.

He felt like giving it up all.

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