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I am Annie Jean Brewer, the head behind

That I come from the wrong side of the proverbial railway tracks, the girl of an ex-con and a dancer, increased from the shadows of the Appalachian mountains of Eastern Kentucky.

I had been taught to cuss, shoot and play cards with the finest of these as I helped my dad bootleg and conduct a weekend card match to enhance our income after he lost his leg in an crash.

From the time I was 18 husband was dead from cancer by the time that I was 19 I was pregnant with my first kid. By 22 I'd kid #two by the man I would drink and saw my mom dead in a automobile accident.

At this stage in my life I loathed myself I was an unmarried mom 2x over, believed by many to be a slut and a whore (like myself). Following Mother died things became worse.

There was a tiny fight inside of me personally and among other things I attempted college double, the Army after and a lot of strategies. I enjoyed writing so I would submit short story after brief story to any magazine I thought could read it. I received that a ream of rejection slips and eventually determined not only was I a failure in existence but a failure in chasing my dreams too.

I eventually married the father of my second child, which (while the suitable thing to do) was certainly NOT the smartest thing I've ever completed. Let us just say I spent the upcoming few years walking on eggshells in an attempt to avoid his wrath.

Constantly berated by partner, family and friends I literally wanted to die. When I found myself seriously considering the potential I KNEW it was time to change.

I knew I had to escape.

I implemented myself much more to creating some kind of income for me personally. I signed up for Amway. I really did Tupperware. The Excel was offered by me

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