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GuruMaker head coach Harrison Monarth and New York Times bestselling writer is currently a leader in the specialty of leadership behaviour and EXECUTIVE PRESENCE development, persuasive communication. One of the most sought after leadership improvement- and even executive coaches in the United States, he regularly prepares senior executives, IT professionals, directors, CEOs, along with prominent professionals to leadership opportunities and presentations.

Harrison has personally coached leaders in leading organizations in financial services, technology, health, legal, hospitality and customer industries, as well as property, nonprofit and political. Clients comprise Hewlett-Packard, Standard and Poor’therefore, NASA, GE, General Motors, Barclay’s Bank, PepsiCo, Intel, Electronic Arts, Cisco Systems, IBM, Deutsche Bank, the US State Department, MetLife and many other major organizations, as well as political candidates and Members of Congress.

Known for his intensive and affectionate coaching fashion, Harrison easily gets clients to start up and embrace the potent leadership behaviours and communication approaches and techniques he teaches. He pushes his customers as he shows them the way to project gravitas and convey with impact, together with storytelling that is strategic construction and intellect to connect emotionally and intellectually with coworkers and clients of all stripes. Internationally, Harrison’s has been by individuals and organizations in Bogota, Beijing, Frankfurt, Helsinki, London, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Harrison’s New York Times bestselling book, The Confident Speaker (McGraw-Hill 2007), is based on years of practice and research in the industry of persuasive communicating and conducive speaking.

His international bestselling novel Executive Presence-The Art of Commanding seems like a CEO (

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