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Born in the Netherlands, Anthonio analyzed wilderness skills from youth. Still a child himself, Anthonio found a youth-group which allowed children and teens to come out in the forests and learn earth-living skills once per week. This youth-group slowly evolved into a college called Wild-Live, based in the uk.

In the first days, he traveled frequently to quite a few states in the united states, Yukon lands, Israel and Turkey where he had more indigenous skills while still teaching what he already knew. He still loves traveling and regularly teaches primitive skills in the most exceptional surroundings.

An active author of articles for various publications, he published a book concerning earth-living skills entitled "Bushcraft Skills and How to Survive in the Wild", which can be sold world-wide.

When not instructing adults on his classes, Anthonio has other commitments. He teaches teens through various regional charities and shares skills in the archaeology department at Queens University Belfast and other crude ability expositions about the way our ancestors lived their lives through demonstrations and lectures. He reproduces a massive selection of artifacts for a variety of museums, universities and television businesses. On different occasions he's worked as consultant on television and radio programs. He enjoys learning new abilities on travels locally and in various terrains around the globe.

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