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Writer of the Historical Wire collection, Helene Jacobs, specializes in equipping ancient jewelry. She gives her readers instructions for producing jewelry that is ancient and shows them where they can find out more. As she finds new information about the artifacts within her books, Helene upgrades her site, .

Helene was exploring history for over 30 decades and has received several awards from a global historical organization. Helene Made a replica of a 2500 year old necklace from the Mysterious Bog People exhibit.

Helene has always had a passion for producing, figuring things out and instruction. Once she found techniques to create beautiful jewelry she started teaching classes. Her class handout evolved to an instructional book for producing chains, Historical Wire, her book and other items of jewellery together with the method variously known as Viking chain knitting, cord weaving or multicolored knit. Ancient Wire II followed, demonstrating how to create items which are beautiful today, but were created over 1000 years back. These books can be seen on her web site or at , and will be joined by additional books in the Historical Wire collection.

After traveling along with her military family, Helene settled in Pennsylvania with her husband, kid, and hot dog, where she likes to unwind with her friends over a fantastic cup of coffee, and update her blog with her different crafty jobs at . Helene includes an large collection of pliers, even though it requires only a couple tools to make the jewelry described in her novels.

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