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Helle Sydendal
Born: 1964
Journalist, bestselling author and patient urge
Married, and the mom of two sons
Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and hypothyroidism in 2008

Within the class of just a couple years, Helle Sydendal changed from being an active
and engaged individual to being lethargic, drowsy, unfocused and anything else but included
inside her environment. She used to hold supervisor positions in the media business and
abruptly she could barely drag herself into the sofa for a nap. Her doctor advised her to
exercise and eat healthy food – that she was already doing.
Many years went by until she was eventually diagnosed with hypothyroidism. At the
point she was overweight despite extreme dieting and dieting. She'd lost her
intellectual skills and expert unbelievable fatigue and pains in the joints
and joints. She got the standard medicine (T4), but this didn't make her
feel healthier. The doctors told her she had been fine although she still had all the
So Helle decided to research Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and hypothyroidism on her own
and she discovered that lots of patients treated for hypothyroidism are actually not
feeling wholesome. She found a number of the reasons for this and why other types of
drugs (T3 and NDT) function better for many people.
Nowadays Helle is thriving and feeling healthy again. She even got her life back once she recently watched a brand new
physician who changed her medication. With this publication, she would like to enable you
so that you can take charge of your disease – both with regard to obtaining a appropriate
diagnosis and receiving therapy is effective for you.

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