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Anthony Young began writing history. His very first publication, Mighty Mopars, was published in 1984 and became the most best-selling automotive publication that year, based on AutoWeek magazine. He's written definitive histories about the Chrysler Hemi V8, the Chevrolet Small-block and Big-block V8, Ford high-performance V-8s and automobiles, along with the history of the Chevrolet ZR-1 powered from the 32-valve LT5, branded The Heart of the Beast.

After 2000, he changed to aerospace history specializing in Apollo-era histories of the Lunar Roving Vehicle and also the powerful Rocketdyne F-1 engine that powered the Saturn V launch vehicle. He's currently working on the foundation of the Cadillac Northstar V8 and also the automobiles it motivated, along with a interesting history of New York Cafe Society through the Great Depression.

Anthony Young is a 1975 graduate of Pratt Institute and holds a degree in Industrial Design. He is also a public speaker and has spoken before groups at NASA and other viewers. He is a design engineer and currently resides in Florida.

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