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I'm a studyholic plus a workaholic. While I find a topic that interests me or that intrigues me, I suddenly find myself immersed and can't stop until I know and fully understand all about that specified topic. I then observe that subject affects our planet, our society and also the impact it's in our ecosystem. I play and experiment with it and utilize the information gathered in a project that is private. So if, and only if the requirements are met that I have then only, in place then I can use that expertise to assist others. But that happens to me so I am busy expanding my own tools around my time. In other words I divide my time such as this: 50 percent of the period I am expanding my resources, knowledge, experiences. The other 25% of this time that I a working with alike, associations and people. And the other 25 percent of the time: Family Time.

I believe that formal schooling is helpful and incredibly important but that is not a determinant of the future of an individual. That is coaching and hands on experience has been shown to be somewhat powerful. I think that talents and self-education are far more significant in the world of today. ​I'm not trying to discourage you from getting that degree, what I am attempting to convey is that in the event you do not have a degree it is possible to triumph in life, and should you've got one or are chasing one (or 2) then go for it, education is the smartest choice you can possibly make. Do not put aside your abilities and always keep on self-educating yourself, reading a book, exploring your topic or simply put, go ahead and watch that documentary which you always wished to.

Now I have explained myself, I'll let you know I have a Bachelors ​Degree in Science in Organizational Leadership and a Minor in Business Administration.

I also b

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