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House Of Muscle Has Been Based in 2003 by Joel Sward

The concept of House began before the company was actually shaped, although Joel was devoting a large portion of his life to transforming his body into something greater than it was when he started.

The impetus for this is fueled by his own desire to do as an athlete. Joel has been a track and field athlete and played college soccer and high school. He has also competed in bodybuilding, power-lifting and strong man contests.

He discovered that training and diet would be the cornerstones of any successful effort and he discovered that sports nutrition supplementation needed to be part of his strategy if he went to achieve his potential.

This need to be the best that he could potentially be fueled years and years of dieting that is good and workouts. It fueled his desire truly understand and to study sports nutrition supplements.

Joel's Dream

"Since the very first sale of a House Of Muscle merchandise in 2003, my goal has been to create a business that would offer a high quality, powerful and low-priced lineup of sport nutrition supplements. I needed to provide these supplements in a way that could be genuinely effective for my clients, and help them achieve their individual objectives."

"House Of Muscle has become and socket for me to pass on my knowledge about other men and women who possess the exact same desire I do, to improve themselves and achieve their true potential."

We are striving for something.

We're working hard to reach our objectives.

We would like to be much better than we were when we started.

We want to transform our own body into something better than what it now is.

House Of Muscle has 13 products available for sale in the category of Health & Household.

House Of Muscle is rated 8 out of 10 based on 198 reviews.

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