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Anna Mitchell is the author of far too many school assignments, university exam paper answers and corporate bookkeeping processes –none of those which have contributed her life any substantial meaning. Fat Chick Goes AWOL is her very first book.

Mitchell currently lives in a paddock in rural Victoria, Australia, in The Tiny Homestead, a mini-homestead she made from different folks’s garbage, and is researching freeganism, self-sufficiency and off grid living. Before this adventure, she spent four decades researching homelessness at a van with two cats.

Her next adventure will be constructing an off grid Tiny House on brakes.

But she’therefore never achieved travelling yet. She and the bumblebee chariot will trip again. You've been warned.


12 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Me
1. I’m very good at organising distance, and have often paid my rent by de-cluttering homes, garages and farm sheds.
2. I have two pieces of the Berlin Wall, one painted white, another with graffiti. One was a gift from a guy I worked for as a nanny, the other I picked up myself.
3. In one of my bookkeeping jobs I got team to obey an accounting procedure by sending them a lollipop in the internal mail if they did it correctly this month.
4. In high school I've frequently used working on the college paper and Yearbook in the school’s print space within an excuse to escape the classes I didn’t even need to go to, and nearly got expelled for refusing to obtain the school uniform jumper. Additionally, I won the Year 12 Document Award. Work that one out.
5. In college I once obtained an Honour Certificate for coming all of my college library books on time for the first time ever. It was probably the last time too; I’m pretty sure I still have a book from that library.
6. When I was a kid my

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