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I. Alan Appt now resides in mid-west. He lives with his pet,Dolly the vocal yellow nape Amazon parrot. He has two adult kids a boy and girl and one grandchild. Appt is a accomplished Impressionistic Artist in the medium of oil using the only use of colour knives, also contains regular Art shows. He's a United States Coast Guard licensed Captain retired, and has owned and managed a sailing charter company for six years on the west shore of Florida. Sailing the Caribbean has added yet another substantial parcel of awareness in itself on his entire life. Over the last two decades, he has taught and practiced extreme meditation on a daily basis. He is Master and proficient in and has educated Universal Energy (UE) for (Healing) in addition to Kinesiology. Appt is a grad student in early 1992 from the School of Universal Energy. He is a spiritual counselor, motivational speaker and also an Ordained Interfaith Minister.

If he was ten, he had philosophical ideas about life. He became frightened of queries like, "Where did I come from?" "Who am I?" And "Where am I heading?" He tried desperately to ignore them. He finally attained, with the help of age and study, and keen awareness he wasn't being harassed with this doctrine, but instead locating an understanding of life. Moreover, to finding a special realization of this Universe, he's undergone many religious events, such as a vision of Jesus and an out-of-body experience. It's important now that he conveys to the others what he has heard.

The Strength in Understanding is a personal, detailed narrative in obtaining true happiness and near ultimate awareness via a continuous comprehension of existence. Additionally, the publication, based from Appt's lifetime experiences, offers an interpretation and depiction of a new, essential path to an increased understanding of belief systems, enjoy, pea

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