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I.B. Preppin is a pseudonym for a normal guy who does not want his friends and acquaintances to think he's a weirdo--or encounter back throw his food in the event the shubar will hit the fan.

He grew up at the snowy mountains of the U.S., but now lives with his wife, son and dogs at the deep South, where he divides his time between his home and his country farm. After getting an early retirement from a company job, he retreated his suits and ties and can be found--every day -- from cargo shorts that were stained, torn T-shirts with rude words and pictures, scarred hiking boots, and old.

He would rather be extending a buck by repairing things, building things and growing his own vegetables than ever sit in a desk, fly top-notch, or rub elbows with the rich and famous again. He's found life is better with dirt in your hands, dirt under your nails and refreshing meals on the dining table.

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Novel 1: The Fundamentals, a Novella
Book 2: Building a BOL, also developing a prepping collection, full publication
Novel 3: Quick & Dirty Prepper Hacks

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