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Many of today's amateur stargazers discovered their way across the night sky with the observing guides of Ian Ridpath. These are the Monthly Sky Guide, now in its 9th edition; the Collins Stars and Planets Guide (known in the US since the Princeton Field Guide to Stars and Planets), now in its 4th version; and Collins Gem Stars. All these are in print for at least 25 decades. A specific interest of Ian's is the Greek and Roman myths myths about the constellations, which he wrote about in his novel Star Tales.

Ian is aware of the authoritative Oxford Dictionary of Astronomy and the past few editions of Norton's Star Atlas, the longest-established star atlas on earth and reputedly the best-known. He is a Significant contributor to the Dorling Kindersley encyclopedia Universe, also is author of Dorling Kindersley's Eyewitness Companion to Astronomy. Back in 2012 he won the Astronomical Society of the Pacific's Klumpke-Roberts Award for "outstanding contributions to the public understanding and appreciation of astronomy", the most prestigious award of its kind.

He's also a leading UFO skeptic and is famous because of his evaluation and explanation of Britain's leading UFO case, the Rendlesham Forest Incident.

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