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Born into an Afghan household in 1924, Idries Shah produced a body of work, most of which considered components of ‘Eastern Thought’, especially Sufism and Sufi thought. Some of his roles include collections of instructing stories and The Sufis featuring Nasrudin.

Shah committed his life to gathering, selecting and translating Sufi novels and key functions of Sufi classical literature, adapting them to the requirements of the West and disseminating them at the Occident.

Created by some ‘functional philosophy’, by others ‘templates in direct thinking’ – those works represent countless Sufi thought and Islamic notion aimed at the creation of human capacity to its fullest extent.

They worry virtues like commonsense, clear-thinking and humor to counter cant and religious dogma. Therefore they are essential works in the region of doctrine, and could possibly be seen as an antidote to radicalism and fanaticism in the world.
Shah’s books are translated into dozens of languages, have sold in their millions, and so are regarded as a cultural bridge between West and East. His work and contribution into Sufism are represented by The New Idries Shah Foundation.

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