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"Life isn't about finding yourself It's about creating"

I'm a thirty something single mother of 3 kids with a new I like to call Indie By Nature. I'm working to construct an enterprise and discuss my adventures with other gifted creative indies like you.

I've had some pretty amazing experiences and done some pretty awesome things. So I am using my abundance of information that will help you grow. I have knowledge and experience in photography, music & entertainment biz, writer planet, graphic design, branding, company, media, and so much more. I've won awards and acknowledgement like becoming a DJ and radio host. I've traveled to another side of this planet (Israel)- To a that's not far, but it's more than many. I have written books, and intend to continuously grow in that area. I have realised versions and entertainers. I've interviewed both Cartoon and famous music artists. I even had the honor to meet Kendrick Lamar- How awesome is that?!

Life for me has never been simple, as a matter of fact, it has been extremely challenging. I've gone through violent associations, grew up in poverty, and always face many challenges raising and supporting 3 kids in my. I've striven to teach myself, and made a determination about 5 years ago, I'm not going to allow these life challenges prevent me from everything I was supposed to do in life. I was meant to be an innovator. I was supposed to build, create, and design. I was supposed to help folks like you do the same. I am.... Inspired by Nature. Are you?

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