ILFORD was a title from the business for over 130 years. It's a name you can expect at a world of ever changing players.

This long history is based in our ability to continue to innovate. ILFORD has helped create technologies for inkjet media as well as dye and pigment technologies for inks, as among the very first businesses to enter into the market. ILFORD products are "universal", meaning anything ink set you choose to utilize, the media is designed to receive the ink and deliver premium quality visual results with all state of the art longevity.

We'll be sharing stories about photographers, teachers, and other inkjet websites users in addition to tips as well as information with you here for getting the very best print  photograph.  

ILFORD GALERIE is the option for discerning professionals. When enough isn't good enough select ILFORD GALERIE and enjoy professional results each and every time you make digital prints.

Ilford has 12 products available for sale in the category of Camera & Photo.

Ilford is rated 10 out of 10 based on 596 reviews.

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