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My novel's subtitle captures a lot of my adult life as a teacher: "HOW I LEARNED TO TEACH SECOND LANGUAGES TO STUDENTS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES." As an instructor of French at Calvin College, I set a goal over a decade back to uncover those secrets, to discover I could teach a second language to some pupil--even people who have been deemed "at risk" and that had failed previously. Then my goal turned private. I found that my girl had a learning disability. Both professionally and personally, I felt called to serve teachers and students at all academic degrees -- such as English as a Second Language -- simply by sharing the secrets that I had learned within my ten-year pedagogical "experiment" in my classes. The results have been simply astounding (e.g., read the true student letter that I contained in the endorsement section of my book description on Amazon). Teaching another language to students with learning problems has become among the most satisfying activities in my life, followed by teaching other educators how to perform it nicely. I run workshops on the subject and spread the word regarding my enjoyable and inspiring book, which comprises the hints, tips, insights, and pedagogy that could transform any instructor to some prosperous second-language instructor of pupils with learning disabilities. Please visit my website in FOREIGN LANGUAGES FOR EVERYONE to get the newest hints and free downloadable resources. It is also possible to ask me questions or contact me there about leading a workshop with your school or institution. Thanks! -- Irene Brouwer Konyndyk, Grand Rapids, MI

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