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As a life-long student of the head, J D Yoder is a recovering neuroscientist, an investor, and writer. He is on a journey to come up with the ideal programs that will help you develop and become a better person (indoors and outside). J D uses himself as a 'laboratory' to examine the latest (and some of the earliest) concepts and practices for enhancing the brain, body, and soul. Learn these practices and increase.

-Develop powerful lifetime habits for change, development, and success
-Simplify your life whilst discovering the job that matters most
-Get precisely what you need, quicker than you thought possible
-Find your true bliss through health, prosperity, and pleasure

These ideas take minutes to understand, days to implement, along with a life to grow and practice.

Please browse through the rest of J D Yoder's novels and add a few to your wishlist. The books are brief, easy to see, and fast to implement-all that will assist you flourish.

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