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AnnaLisa is the youngest of four children and the only girl, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale. After graduating high school, she moved to Charlotte, NC with her parents. This turned out to be a boon as it was just a couple of years that she met her husband in the Film Actor’s Studio of Charlotte. AnnaLisa was in films and several movies, in addition to performed in local theater in both musical and dramatic roles since she studied acting in the Studio. At one time, it had been #x 2019 & AnnaLisa;s dream to be a professional singer.

AnnaLisa completed her undergraduate degree in Human Services in Wingate University and her Master’s degree in Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. AnnaLisa spent two decades in private practice counseling individuals, families, and couples, and worked with kids in foster care and group homes.

When her father was at a near fatal automobile crash in 2010, AnnaLisa’s best coping skill was be composing. Five weeks after the accident, when wouldn't go away, AnnaLisa began writing Layla Weston’s narrative from The Lake. She had. In fact, pages were written by her before she told her husband what she do. It was clear that Layla had a long story to say and that there were multiple books on the horizon.

Back in 2013, afterwards all three YA books from The Lake Trilogy were composed and she had let them sit long enough, AnnaLisa took things into her own hands and also self-published the names within only a month or two of each other. Received well by readers not-so-young and young equally, The Lake Trilogy has appreciated success, promoting close to half-million copies.

AnnaLisa’s publicist is Rick Miles of Red Coat PR, and she is represented by Ita

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