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John G Cressey was created in 1976, and grew up around the south coast of England where he had an energetic youth between swing complexes, tree houses and homemade go-carts. In his teens that the pursuits turned into scuba diving, rock climbing and martial arts. In the end of the teenagers a spanner was thrown into the functions in the kind of a car crash where damaged his spine. Deciding the University was too hazardous for a young guy in a wheelchair, so he chose to travel the entire world for a decade or so, taking into some of Africa, Brazil, Cambodia and Australia. He also resided in New York and San Diego to get a time. But always looked forward to going back home to England.

Seeing a documentary that revealed Roald Dahl sitting at a tiny garden drop sharpening pencils and slough off first piqued John's interest in writing. Shortly afterwards, it was Star Wars that started to affect his creativity. Nevertheless, it was later down the line if viewing TV series, Firefly that he finally decided that writing was due to him. The series's equilibrium of light hearted humor, sometimes dark, emotional drama and kick ass action actually hit home and the thought of his first book 'Star Splinter' began to take shape. Star Splinter is the first in the Fractured Space series. The prequel novella titled ‘Harper’s Ten’ is currently also out and he is working hard on the subsequent novels.

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