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John Godolphin Bennett (1897-1974) was born at London, and throughout the First World War, trained and received his commission in the British Army, and served in France for two years prior to being sent home hurt. Upon his recovery, he undertook a crash course in Turkish and had been posted to Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1919. In the duration of a short but distinguished career in the clandestine services, he encountered G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky. After resigning his commission in 1921, Bennett engage in a series of failed adventurs, culminating in his incarceration in a Greek prison, in which he languished for several months. In his release he had been effectively penniless and started working in entry level from the coal industry. Frm 1930 until 1950, Bennett's career evolved quickly. Throughout the Second World War, Bennett was director of a highly recognized research program studying ways to create the British coal industry more effective. He served on several government commissions, and achieved a broad reputation as a fantastic industrialist.

Bennett had remained in contact Ouspensky after both men returned to London, and on his information engaged in Aurdjieff's Istitute in the Prieuré, outside Paris.

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