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In the event you’re like me you think life and folks are funny. I like to write (and read) about these folks and the crazy situations they find themselves in. I’m speaking to people (characters) that are not attempting to be funny. Or loving, or magical, or beautiful. They just are such things because they exist. They exist in a writer’s thoughts anyway. (Later a celebrity might reveal a character on the silver screen, TV or stage, obviously, however, the origin came from the imagination of the writer. Let’s try to not forget that.) I love authors who see life in this amusingly skewed fashion too. One of the very brilliant - Fannie Flagg. Inside her famous book (and later screenplay) she shot something deeply horrible and converted it into a profound, delightful, (and amusing) finishing touch into some significant plot of her story; everything in her classic endearing style: Big George smiled and said, “Thank you, suh, I’d havto mention the key’s at the sauce. ” In case you would like’t understand this lineup (and the delightfully macabre business it is referring to), then quit reading this dumb bio and go buy Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe at this time.

One more illustration out of a fellow Missourian (born in St. Louis anyhow) and his wife : William and Tania Rose. They were the humor staff who composed’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. You likely don’t know them. William Rose was the Academy Award winning screenwriter of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Don’t feel helpless. Nobody ever remembers the screenwriters. William and Tania wrote the scene (at IAMMMMW) in which Jimmy Durante was killed in a terrible car crash. That doesn’t seem very funny, does it? In their palms (typing hands to be specific) it became one of the greatest comic scenes ever composed for film (or point, or a book in my view, which we have established is skewed for this sort of thing). Jimmy Durante was surrounded by Sid Caesar, Jonat

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