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I'm J. Corne.

I am a migraine sufferer who, following 20 years finding no relief by prescriptive migraine medication, started to ask questions regarding previously unconsidered factors which might have been contributing to the recurrence frequency and severity of migraines I endured.

By searching into the most fundamental of all human needs- food, I started to see trends suggesting what was in the foods of my everyday diet, could be influencing my health.

I had never before considered the possible side-affects of those long lists of additives and preservatives in the food labels of every packaged product at the supermarket wondered why they were there and what function they served. Could they have been part of the reason migraines have become more and more of a problem in my life? The resultant study, after introducing those questions, caused the introduction of the publication, The Migraine Diet, Cut the Additives & Clear the Toxins.

I want to split the information I gathered and bring consciousness and relief to people who might be new to migraine or find, they also are struggling after several years searching for relief with no success.

A short excerpt from the novel (and my life): "In the peak of my insomnia struggles, I had been hospitalized due to symptoms resembling stroke, such as disrupted vision, numb limbs, confusion and difficulty with language. These signs were replaced by unbearable head ache and uncontrollable nausea...[At that time], I believed. . .my diet couldn't influence, negatively or positively, intensity or the frequency of the migraines I suffered. I think back and think how could I have been so wrong?"

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