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Hello there. I'm Jim Murison, I have been composing for near 17 decades now and have decided it's about time I had a number of them published. Being a dyslexic writer it is with some trepidation I eventually submit my work. I Know many will ask why I haven't gone to a professional editor with my novels, in reality I've. Once I picked myself off the floor I realised that my novels are simply going to have to pay their own manner. As a normal working man and the amount of editing just like about a couple of weeks in a top resort in the Bahamas, a holiday I have to say I have never been able to afford in my entire life. It began to dawn on my the journey had only just started. Even after drafting in my entire loved ones members and friends to help me edit I'm still coming round the occasional mistake so for all these first editions I can only ask forgiveness and patience. I promise as time passes I could save the amount from these publications and eventually have them assessed by a professional, that will turn into the second edition, yet as I have already pointed out they'll need to pay their own way. Who knows in they years ahead of these editions with their errors may one day become the very precious.
My first works, which consisted of over 60 poems along with a dozen short stories, have been released before in return, paperback and electronic form all around the world. My passion however is my novels. I am a personality writer and have found that they more often than not the characters write the stories to me, directing me on some wild experiences, dictated by their very own personality's as they start to grow as the novel progresses.

Almost all of my heroes are Highlanders and most although not all place in Scotland. Romance Science Fiction, Science Fiction Fantasy Adventures, War; these are. Click the cover of each book to See a flavor of what is in store and I sincerely hope you'll join me on one of the advent

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