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I was raised in a little town in Indiana, but instead of living on the side of the tracks it was the side of the river. I spent nearly four decades in the 25th Infantry Division as an Intelligence Analyst, and went directly into the Army following graduation.

I came home to a factory job, a place where if you saw the employees walk through the doors in the morning you'd comprehend the scenes out of "Shaun of the Dead," at which he went during his daily routine without realizing the people about him had turned into zombies. A few years of this motivated me to begin taking college classes; my passion for studying and my obsession with background guided me to eventually become a high school social studies and English teacher.

I discovered that what was a hobby, studying history, was currently a professional obligation that I embraced with almost fanatical excitement. Eventually I felt prepared to pick up the pencil and write, which led to "Tours." What I learned about medieval warfare during my research for that book contributed greatly to the struggles and struggles which happen in "Zombie Crusade."

I have wanted to become an author since I read, "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Ernest Hemmingway, whose doctrine has been summed up with one analyst as, "We owe the gods a departure, but we can face the rendezvous like men!" Certainly one of my inspirations to really sit down and begin writing novels was John Eldridge's book "Wild at Heart." That publication investigates the hearts of men, asserting that deep within our hearts we struggle to battle. You will find the two of these men's philosophies in everything I write, to tales of a zombie apocalypse from fiction.

My final goal is to both entertain and instruct. The Principal message is that liberty is a good thing--something we should be willing to fight for our h with all

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