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Jack enjoys writing, reading, hiking, and notably competitive cycling. Jack enjoys traveling (even business trips), trekking, bicycling, listening to classical and folk songs, and reading great literature. Along with English, Jack speaks fluent German, fluent French.


Jack held Many Different unusual jobs after graduating from high school in Johnstown, Pennsylvania including a project as a translator at a holiday resort in Spain, a stint at the Swedish Merchant Marine, and yet another as a civilian electrician working to the British Army on the Rhine at Hannover, Germany. When he returned into the U.S., he worked his way by Arizona State University as a disc jockey and then spent a year at grad school studying German literature in the University of Washington at Seattle. Jack returned to Phoenix in which he supervised a high quality management section at the Phoenix campus of DeVry University at Motorola Semiconductors before instructing communications and electronic equipment for eight years. From DeVry where he started the company & #x2019; s first microprocessor services he moved to search at Scottsdale, Arizona in 1990. Jack left In-Stat in 1992 to discovered Micrologic Research. He also completed four years of undergraduate studies from the French language, that comprised at Stendhal University in Grenoble, France.


In addition to having authored almost 20 book-length market studies in the fields of programmable chips and wireless communications for Micrologic Research and heaps of shorter studies while at In-Stat, Jack has authored two books, which are still utilised in many technical schools and schools. The 6800 Microprocessor and Digital Data Communications. The next book is out of print, however, Microprocessor 6800 is still on the marketplace.

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