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Jacob Lund Fisker has lived and worked in 3 distinct countries and seen 14 more. He speaks English, Danish, and a depreciating amount of German.

Having pursued a aim of both skill-based self-reliance, he has spent less than $7000 per year for the previous 15 years while conserving the rest of his income and developing the skills to make the most of the worth of every dollar spent to readily achieve an inconspicuous middle course standard-of-living. This highly strange behaviour of saving money led to financial independence in the age 30 and he hasn't wanted to work for a living ever since then.

His main priorities in life are competence, access, and optionality in order to experience the many matters in life that can not be bought with cash or requires over two weeks of holiday to experience. This has lead to some rather eclectic set of adventures.

He has lived from luggage, from an RV, and now lives in an entirely paid off home in the outskirts of Chicago. He's got a PhD in science fiction and he has published over 40 research papers within 10 years of work mostly about arcane information regarding neutron stars, atomic reactions, and also the source of the elements. He is a self-taught cabinetmaker, and it has assembled most of the furniture from his or her wife's home. He was the main trimmer in over 100 yacht races from the San Francisco Bay leading to a few high regatta placements. He was also on the winning team for a centre forward in the neighborhood baseball team four seasons in a row. He has read somewhat over 2000 books in addition to a depressingly bigger number of inane online comments regarding himself. He wrote the popular blog on financial independence and extreme early retirement and is frequently known as the secretary of early retirement blogs in spite of the fact that people have been doing this for decades before.

He has also been a freelancer copy-editor for mathematics and technology journals, fixed bicycles for a women's shelter, worked

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