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Jacob Wilson is an American writer who currently resides in Manchester, England. He's a prolific writer, sharing his own success stories and travel to host seminars as well as releasing novels per year. Jacob’s fire is self-development, along with his novels address issues such as motivation, self-discipline, job seeker, and attaining one’therefore possible. At the age of 34, he's released over fifteen books that have been translated into six languages.

Jacob Wilson was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States to a middle-class family. His parents were both involved in education. His mother was his father a professor and a high school teacher at Robert Morris University. His family moved to London after his father was hired as a professor and the direction exchange program coordinator after Jacob was ten years old.

Jacob made an interest in writing at a young age. Throughout high school years, he would read about one book a week. He continued to do so for many years. He would go on to double-major throughout his undergraduate years in English Literature and Philosophy.

During most of his 20s, Jacob concentrated on honing his people speaking abilities to be a motivational speaker and life coach, devoting himself to helping people which are afflicted by depression. He joined many organizations, including Peace Corps. And Greenpeace in his early years. As a author, on battling depression, one of the aims will be to spread knowledge. He wants to reach out to as many people as he could during his writings, YouTube channels, and conventions. He need people to understand there & #x 2019; s opportunities on the market, regardless of what situation you are in, and that #x 2019 &; it; so ok to dream big.

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