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Writing isn't a job, a means of earning a buck, I have done this. Writings a calling, something which you have to do, something that you are born with, something which develops inside you like a fantasy suppressed by day arriving back through the night, something within you, the understanding of a physician, the experiences of a life, the experiences of a single day or night that should live forever, human consciousness worth sharing with other people, that of life learned worth passing on to other people to the future. I am a writer.

Writing, a reflection of thoughts with no audience aside from a monitor or blank piece of paper, a message to humankind from volunteers shooting across synapses in a solitary human brain, a visual sound recreated per hundred and ten years following the living notion is stilled by death firing in different neurons across other synapses in an untold number of individual minds alive, a work that cannot be completed alone. Ideas of one mind expressed without other heads studying and thinking is faulty. Writing requires viewers, but more than readers--critics and collaborators who share back with all the writer their thoughts.

Shakespeare, arguably the best English author, composed independently, had his job polished and edited by means of a dozen or more celebrities who played it and thousands of those who listened in crowds cheering or jeering. Is not that exactly what? I've written independently, long for the joining of others to finish the job, as the others completed Shakespeare's job, made thoughts universal endure for centuries.

Why help me attain others?

Because these functions are about lifestyle, items composed to enhance the lives of others, to help them. Each publication, and also the books jointly, are about life and love and carry truths which once seen, once analyzed from the thinking thoughts are truths usable to better the reader's world.

Helping me do a better job of sharing those truths is correct, helps create a better world, a better you. Help u

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