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J.K Sheindlin is the #1 Bestselling author of 'The People versus Muhammad'. The book has always remained on the bestseller lists and is currently getting outstanding record success. The controversy supporting its contents has forced nations such as Canada to ban it forever. The CFLA registered for a total ban of the book, stating that it was too dangerous. The company known for it to be more "Banned Forever!" Sheindlin is presently producing a multi-part documentary show which will include CIA documentation regarding the infiltration of the west of Islam. The documentary will also feature interviews with senior terrorists, that are currently working to battle back against Islam. The documentary collection is scheduled to be released sometime in late 2017. Sheindlin has been for exposing the founding father of Islam under attack. Recently, the writer repeatedly ghost-censored on Twitter and has been formally prohibited from Facebook. Nonetheless, the individuals are becoming conscious of the truth. To learn more regarding J.K's struggle, see:

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