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Jade Backer is passionate about dogs she's been teaching education for more than 20 decades and has now decided to begin writing about it she can help more people. She believes that puppies are valuable and more intelligent than the majority think. She makes her novels easy to read so the reader knows the way to interact clearly together with his dog. She always emphasis that a puppy is the mirror of their owner, and instruction is a continuous part of their life by the day they welcome a new puppy in it.

Taking the choice to have a dog is not a little one and Jade knows that unfortunately many owners underestimate what's required to having one element of your daily life for a minimum of a decade. In her novels, she attempts to assist the owners and the puppies to be joyful together through step-by-step and very easy-to-follow directions. That way she says :"owners can enjoy their time with their own fluffy the fullest without being discouraged by any type of behaviors"

Finally, readers feel that the joy Jade Backer has when writing about puppies and puppies, she can transmit her passion through her novels and the love she needs for dogs. She hopes to inspire people and give them the assurance they need to overcome some difficulty they may experience in their relationship with their dog or puppy.

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