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Jack A. Anderson was born and raised in Texas.

He is an Army veteran. He first fell in love with westerns when as a young boy his Dad took him to watch John Wayne's The Alamo. Since that time he's had a desire for all things western. An avid reader of biographies between the central, as well as the minor, characters that formed the west, both past and present, as we understand it. He's had the joy of seeing and camping with Native Americans, thus gaining an appreciation for their fantastic civilization that no picture could ever expect to get across. He believes that a great narrative of the west should be more than only a good "Hold 'em up", which emotion is the essential component that adds material into any circumstance.

His love of sport, notably pro soccer, has constantly kept him housebound on Sundays. His favourite winter is running his very own Fantasy Football League, but one he's enjoyed because forming in 1978. He has won eight championships in most of those years. It was with the urging of his fellow participants that he chose to print his little book on the topic. Rules that he came up with this make it distinctive in its own style.

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