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Since obtaining a passion for the body functions in school, I have continued to indulge this desire by studying some 120 peer reviewed medical journals per month. I’m constantly learning about how to help individuals avoid chronic ailments and pass along this info in my own blog more. There are almost 3,500 posts cataloged on almost every health issue imaginable!

For whatever reason, the info that people understand about avoid and managing chronic diseases remains a big secret. Lifestyle and medicines dominate is pushed to the side. Time after time I have new patients come to my office which have not been given the information that they need to get or stay healthy.

My blog and eBooks have consistently functioned as treatment for me, allowing me to talk about the planet this concealed information. Thus the title of this blog becoming “Dr. Bogash's Rantings…”

The tales I hear back from readers of the blog and eBooks who have made adjustments to their lifestyles have become the most rewarding experience that I know of. I would urge you to discuss them if you discover that these blog entries have aided give you insight in your health issues.

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