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For three years James Lehman worked with troubled teens with behaviour problems, families and professionals who live with, treat educate and help in handling them. In public schools, residential treatment centers, private colleges, and many outpatient and inpatient settings, James created a way to handling children and teens that challenges them to learn to fix social problems without hiding behind a facade of disrespectful, obnoxious, or violent behaviour.

James Lehman brought a wealth of personal experience to the stadium of child and adolescent therapy, and also had good reason to focus on behavioral direction, with undergone severe behavioral issues himself as a young child and teenager. Born in 1946, he was left at age two by parents unable to take care of him. He had been discovered by Mr. Teddy Lehman, who, together with his wife Marguerite, went on to embrace him. James started to exhibit defiant and oppositional behaviour at home and in the classroom. There was no such thing as special education afterward, and those behaviours became more intense as he grew older. He quit school lived on the roads and drifted into a life of crime and substance misuse, which led to prison sentences. After more than 6 years in various jails and prisons, James has been given the chance to participate in an accountability focused treatment program.

James Lehman graduated out of this treatment plan and participated in a period of training to become a staff coordinator - and that his career as a counselor, therapist and instructor began. James transferred to New England attended Fordham University for two Decades, and obtained an Associate's Degree in Social Work, graduating Summa Cum Laude. James was able to attend Boston University as well as from 1989, graduated with a Master's Degree in Social Work, since he continued working together with families, children and professionals.

Whilst working in a comprehensive residential t

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