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Hi, I am Jim, and I am creating a series of apps and language and guide publications, e-books.

I started out because I had lived in China for a couple of years, and discovered how easy it had been to find out the basics you need of the speech to get by in the nation. This was a tiny shock because traveling to China seems so daunting, and I noticed that there wasn't a book on the market that covered this speech which we, as ex-pats, really needed to live there - a bare minimum to get by, but what you truly do need and use whenever you're there. There were language publications and phrasebooks, but nothing which covered this amount of Oriental, so I set out to write everything that get by with while.

One matter I set out to do was to break down as many barriers as I can, and to present the language in as simple a manner as possible - the simple fact is, that having a bare minimum of any terminology, you may get by to a particular extent in many nations, and it is often fears or college memories about languages that prevent a good deal of folks them from even trying - but also to pick up a lot of a language merely to get from or live somewhere is frequently a lot simpler than a lot of folks realise.

The book surprised me a bit with its own success, basically going straight to number 1 at its graph and staying there ever since, and it was in retrospect that I reflected on its own most important positives - as well as its negatives, and it's turned into a job, studying people's reviews and opinions, and seeking to improve the book on them.

Since the design was working, I decided to expand it into a string, because the identical thing was lacking for many other languages. Additionally, I knew the fundamentals of a few different languages, I thought it'd be interesting to work with translators from some other nations also , although for many others I did not know , and so it has proved.

Right now, that is still where I'm, and it's been interesting in the point of

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