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I Am from Lancashire in the North of England, a Gloomy place that influenced Winterfell at Game of Thrones.

I love a good story, afternoons at the sun with my wife, zombies, watching Game of Thrones, stroking dogs and medium-rare beef.

Have a look at my novel show if you are a fan of horror or post-apocalyptic fiction:

Fear the Dead

An apocalypse series set at the North of England 15 years after case, where we see how ordinary men and women endure the conclusion of the world. Or sometimes, how they don’t live…

Fear the Dead 1 -
Panic the Dead 2 -
Stress the Dead 3 -
Fear the Dead 4 -

The Dying & The Dead

A post-apocalyptic series set in a universe in which a regime known as the Capita has taken charge of the mainland. The atmosphere is laced with disease, and people need to use masks to endure. Many survivors are born with resistance to the virus, and this enables them breathe the air unfiltered. The Capita hunts these individuals down in an endeavor to produce a vaccine for themselves.

The Dying & The Dead 1 -
The Dying & The Dead two -

The Haunting of Towneley Manor

It has been ten years because Tamara walked the darkened halls of her loved ones house. Something bad happened to her at the manor when she was two, but she can’t recall any of it. As Tamara unwinds the keys of her family, she starts to discover exactly what happened to her all those years ago.

The Haunting of Towneley Manor -

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