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Composing the Billy Boyle World War II mystery series (released by the amazing folks at Soho Press) has attracted me a massive quantity of joy. I've gotten to meet people in person and internet from all over the world and listen to their responses, feedback, and most importantly, their own tales.

In addition to the Billy Boyle series, two standalone books have been published by E-Reads. On Desperate Earth is a WWII thriller from the grand tradition of Jack Higgins, and Souvenir is a exploration of memory, identity, sorrow and loss throughout the life span of a veteran of the Second World War.

My thought for a historical mystery series set inside the Allied High Command during the Second World War started with the initial name, Billy Boyle, which Occurs in England and Norway in 1942. The second, First Wave, carries on a few months later during the Allied invasion of French Northwest Africa. The next, Blood Alone is still the story through the Allied invasion of Sicily. In the fourth episode, Evil For Evil, '' Billy Boyle voyages to his native Ireland. The fifth book in the series addresses the infamous Katyn Massacre of Chemical Officers by the Soviets, and how the uncovering of the crime affected the war, notably Polish-Americans and the Poles in exile in England. It's branded Rag and Bone (from the Yeats poem).

Number 6, titled A Mortal Terror, is put in southern Italy and over the Anzio Beachhead, where Billy tracks down the Red Heart Killer, who's targeting officers of increasingly senior rank. Mortal terror additionally refers to fight exhaustion and the ramifications of prolonged exposure to this not merely combat but the rigors of winter in the mountains.

Death's Door (#7) requires Billy into occupied Rome, to investigate the murder of an American monsignor over the walls of this neutral Vatican City. From the 8th installation, A Blind Goddess, Billy comes in England before D-Day and also working to clear a shameful GI of murder

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