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Behind Blue Eyes:
Introducing Jan Benham from Angelo Furlan

You Notice it from her eyes.

The key to understanding Jan Benham lies not only at her smile that is warm that is quick, nor in her English-accented voice that is tender. It's those eyes which reveal attention and the drive that has attracted Jan success.

Those eyes get their spark out of a lifelong thirst for knowledge, a necessity to understand how things operate. That is exactly what led a eight year old Jan to combine rose petals with a generous amount of lard. She spread out the mix to simmer.
The end result was supposed to be a home made perfume. On the other hand, the recipe was intended for warmer climates. A few days under the English sun provided results which were anything yet aromatic. This noxious introduction to the wonders of nature might have been just one of Jan missteps.
Four years on, Jan visited her physician and was prescribed vitamins for some minor ills. The improvement in her well being opened Jan's eyes to the significance of health and nourishment.
So it was just natural that Jan entered the therapy field inside her native England, taking a two-year course in holistic treatment. She discovered reflexology, nutrition, massage therapy, esthetics, and has been introduced into aromatherapy.

Graduating in twenty, Jan set out with a particular game program. For the subsequent two years, she worked in her field at many different low-paying jobs. The object wasn't to expand her knowledge base, although to fatten her pocketbook. Her camouflage makeup was educated by A stint with a surgeon. One company allowed Jan to specialize in aromatherapy, while another insisted to working the press Jan follow her lead.
"I learned a lot from such folks", stated Jan, who was now ready to start her own holistic clinic. Despite warnings from the others, she provided clients treatments in holistic skincare health care and aromatherapy. The focus on a parti

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