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Dr. Rippe is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Medical School with post graduate training at Massachusetts General Hospital.

He is currently the Founder and Director of the Rippe Lifestyle Institute and Professor of Biomedical Sciences in the University of Central Florida.
Within the previous 25 years Dr. Rippe has run and established the biggest research organization on earth exploring how daily customs and actions impact short and long-term wellbeing and high quality of life. This business, Rippe Lifestyle Institute (RLI), has released hundreds of studies that form the scientific foundation for those areas of lifestyle medication and high performance health. Rippe Lifestyle Institute also conducts several studies every year on physical activity, nutrition and healthy weight control.

Dr. Rippe is regarded as one of the main authorities on preventive cardiology, wellness and fitness and healthy weight loss in the United States. Under his direction the Rippe Lifestyle Institute has conducted several research projects on cardiovascular risk factor loss, fitness walking, weight reduction, running, rowing, bodybuilding, cycling, rowing, cholesterol reduction and reduced fat diets. Laboratory associates have introduced over 275 papers at national scientific and medical meetings at the last twenty-five decades. Dr. Rippe has composed over 400 publications on issues in medicine, health and fitness, and weight control. He has also written 49 books including 31 medical texts along with 18 publications on fitness and health for the general people.

Dr. Rippe edits the significant academic textbook teaching physicians about varied facets of cardiovascular medicine as well as the impact of lifestyle decisions on good health. This publication, Lifestyle Medicine, (2nd ed., CRC Press, 2013) is the very first publication to guide doctors in the diverse aspects of the way to incorporate lifestyle recommendations to the tradition of modern medicine. His intensive care textbook, Irwin and Rippe's Intens

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