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I was born in in 1927 at Santa Monica California where I grew up. My childhood was spent in enjoying sports, fishing, surfing from the Pacific Ocean, and exploring the Santa Monica Mountains, and also putting a list for truency that still stands.
At seventeen I dropped from high school to join the service. I was in training as a corpsman that I found myself running the Duty Sickbay in Portsmouth Navel Prison and if WWII ended.
After release I did a couple of years in Samta Monica City College since penance for my misdeeds. From there I went to U.C. Bereley into major in philosophy, at which I met my wife Mavis.
My first effort at writing was the inevitable "coming of age of a sensistive teenager", which seems to be something a would-be author needs to expiate while learning their craft.
Except for poetry, my writing took a backseat for the subsequent thirty-one years since I worked as a game warden, retiring as Deputy Chief in charge of underground operations. A number of my novels are based on my experiences during these years.
I am publishing my first books now at my old age since it required twenty-one decades of hard slogging to learn the craft of composing prose.
Growing infirmities have forced me to give up power lifting, caber tossing and the martial arts.

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