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Founded on Frankenberries, Burple, also fluid amoxicillin, Jamie baffled physicians with all the worst case of chicken pox ever seen, followed by eczema, asthma, and migraine headaches. The only apparent causes of these health complaints have been a pill deficiency and too many germs. After phoning 1-800-Free-Willy and eventually becoming a member of Greenpeace and PETA, Jamie began to realize that her food selections made an impact on her health in addition to the environment. She ditched the “crap” foods and became a vegan, however, the nagging health issues only began to escalate. It wasn’t till she moved to California from 2003 to study Chinese Medicine that she made the conscious decision to become an omnivore who eats red meat and saturated fat. Within only a couple weeks, Jamie began to experience a new level of power and mental clarity, observable abs, a normal body temperature of 98.6, also no more allergies and asthma attacks. In the event you’d prefer to undergo a potent transformation like this, be sure to read all Jamie’s books and sign up for her free Functional Medicine Boot Camp at Energized.Life.

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