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If you like a special diet, then welcome home. You have discovered that glutenfree, sweets, milk, or nightshades are not what you require. You miss your favorite sweets and other foods, but realize they won't make you happy and healthy.

For me - and possibly for you - that has been an interesting journey of locating health by giving up the meals that don't serve my entire body, one at a time. Paleo Desserts was inspired by my enormous passion for candies - a passion so strong I had to find a means to create candies that are also good for each body and me. Visit me at and

I am a natural food chef and health practitioner. At one time, I could eat everything, and then I began to get allergic reactions. This motivated me to invent new techniques to prepare meals. All of my recipes are celiac-friendly, deliciously gluten free, Paleo friendly, hypo-allergenic, free of dairy, soy, peanuts, and nightshades. Many are raw, vegan and tree-nut free. Today I can enjoy food again. Hooray!

My book, grew out of a personal journey for a pastry chef, head chef, and food enthusiast. I composed Paleo Desserts - 125 Delicious Everyday Favorites Gluten and Grain-free, since I wished to the classic American desserts that I love, at a Paleolithic, or hunt-and-gather edition. They could be made by any caveperson, in other words, if she or he had a food processor! The sweetener is natural chicory root, and also the "flour" is absolute coconut milk (maybe processed coconut milk). Nevertheless these desserts are really delicious low-carb and healthful for everyone. In fact, individuals can not tell the difference.

I come from a very long line of foodies, nature enthusiasts, and musicians. I've done many creative things in my lifetime - this could be my 9th serious career - I have lost count: Pastry chef, head chef, costume designer, author, accountant, and restaurant manager, business proprietor glass importer, MBA, opera diva, yogi, healer, jewelry designer, bro

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