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Jan Marie Mueller is the creator of and a lifelong advocate and firm believer in the value of personal growth and development for a better, more productive lifestyle.

Jan Marie has authored dozens of articles on a vast array of topics including motivation, people management, success, stress, and parenting. She is also an author of children&extreme;s books.

Ahead of, Jan Marie spent the better part of 20 years working within an international instructor trainer and directing her own language schools in southern Germany. At the time she was responsible for material growth and teacher support.

Jan Marie is an author of two series of kids´s books: Nature´s Wonderful! And Wonderful Kids!

With almost twenty years of teaching English to young kids and conducting at her own English school from Germany for her charge, Jan chose to take her passions for children, nature and ancient education one step further. Now she enjoys sharing her love of nature together with you personally personally and children everywhere through acute & her Nature;s Amazing! Series of severe & children; books introducing the animals, birds and insects living outside your very own backdoor.

"You don&extreme;t need to go far to get an adventure - if you look closely, nature has all types of wonders ready and waiting for you!" ~ Jan Marie Mueller

Jan Marie is currently working on a parenting guide and another book representing her belief in the ability of what she calls a "success mentality".

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