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Secrets and Lies is the third book I have written, and also the many autobiographical. My interest in the effects of keys on the lifestyles of the finders and keepers began in complete in my husband of 15 years confessed his homosexuality, however I climbed up—as lots of folks do--at a family where reality often took a back seat to the fantasies and needs of their adults.
Like most writers on these subjects (and I need to understand—I had been a book editor for over 40 decades, publishing a number classics in psychology, including Reviving Ophelia, Odd Girl Out, and Mistakes Were Made, But Not By Me) I had been inspired by my own problems to explore the experiences of others.
Walking on Eggshells was my very first book, based on countless interviews. I wrote it to try to know my children weren’t answering my telephone calls. I learned about love's seas that increased children have toward their parents , even if they neglect & #x2019 and discovered the answer.
Mom Still Likes You Finest was my effort to untangle the complicated connections between siblings in maturity. There, through interviews, so I learned something about the connections which exist in families, regardless of the surface competition and discomfort lots of people feel.
Now, in Secrets and Lies, I've attempted to map the terrain out of pity and lies that surrounds the activities we aren’t proud of. The cost that secrets take on the keepers is something I've learned a excellent deal around, and I have come to comprehend how learning that a life-changing secret can shake and shock the market. How we adapt to the truth is the story of the publication.

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