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The inspiration for Juice Your Way Back ( books and rejuvenation juice mixes came from the founder, James Uberti, a Licensed Holistic Nutritionist, triathlete, entrepreneur, trainer, motivational speaker, and fitness enthusiast for more than 30 decades. Many people trying hard to get rid of weight and get in shape have been observed by him. If they had been successful at achieving their weight loss target, they'd often gain it back, look sick, exhausted and appear older than their age. That is when it hit on him. "There's got to be a much better way to eliminate weight, get fit, keep it away and reverse the symptoms of aging all at exactly the exact same moment." . After extensive research on what makes us fat, ill, and look older than we are and after experimenting with various types of juice recipes , herbal mixtures, and superfoods, Juice Your Way back books and blends were born.

People who have mastered the Juice Your Way Back Challenge™ for twenty, even forty days have observed nothing short of a transformation back into time into a younger, healthy self. Two things occurred throughout the juice app laid out from my books and juice blends; they dramatically reduced the intake of toxins, and second they bombarded each cell together with cleansing, detoxifying nutrients, leading to dramatic weight loss, greater energy and energy, and a very clear head, and a younger looking appearance undoing years of damage from an unhealthy toxic way of life.

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