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I've always loved tales. As soon as I was too young to see I loved listening to my parents and grandparents tell stories. I come from a family of storytellers. On idle Sunday afternoons we'd sit on the porch as well as the adults would attempt to top each other with eccentric tales. A number of them had a ethical, some were funny, some were scary but all of these were completely disgusting. As soon as I learned to see you could always find me with a book in my hands. The library was my favourite place in the world, and it still is. By the time that I was seven, I was composing my own stories. At first they were very short and typically mimicked a fairy tale I had read or heard. Then when I was in high school I started writing more stories with romantic subjects. A timid, awkward teen, the heroines in my tales were never like me, they were homeless, collectively, and constantly got the cute guy. So far, I am the author of sixteen books and nine short tales that were included in some very interesting anthologies. I am blessed to be able to do exactly what I was born to do: write. Since I never take my blessings for granted, I work hard at my craft and I expect it's reflected in the stories I produce. Finally I write stories that I'd like to read. I'll say, "You know, I have never read a novel about African American American shapeshifters, or a book in which the sea is so notable it's like one of the greatest characters" So I wrote from the BLUE. I hope you will read it if you haven't had the opportunity to achieve that. Or I'll think to myself, "What if angels and people mated and their offspring were still alive on Earth?" I wrote AVENGING ANGEL in the anthology, CREEPIN'. Ideas come to me at the strangest ways. Sometimes I dream them literally. I've always had very vivid, colorful dreams. They're much better than any picture. And I recall every detail of them when I awaken. That is the reason why I keep a dream journal. And I suggest to aspiring authors they keep one. Y

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