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Since Amazon allows writers to write their own biographies on such pages ... . On second thought I'll only tell the facts about myself. I was a Christian in my younger years, I discovered Paganism shortly after my 21st birthday and have never looked back. For most of that time I've been a Witch of the Wiccan persuasion, but that I was also a component of a Druid grove in my younger years and have dabbled in Hellenic Re-constructionism too.

Currently I am the editor of Patheos Pagan (among the greatest online Pagan places) and between that job and writing books I have transitioned into the life span of a virtually full-time Pagan writer. (Thankfully my spouse has a excellent occupation, if we were counting my income we would be living under a bridge) I am enthusiastic about my Wiccan-Witch course, and it's the primary focus of my writing and blogging. However, I do adore Paganism in all its infinite types.

I try to seem as if I've musical ability, but the sad fact is that I am not only rhythmless, but also tone deaf. I reside with my spouse Ari at Northern California in which I help conduct two covens and spend my days writing and reading about Paganism.

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