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Best known for coaching and counseling thousands of job seekers - whether employed or unemployed - Jay has come to be an advocate for a solution solution to the conventional job search.

Together with the typical job seeker getting a 3-5% success rate in interviews to every 100 resumes that they send out, Jay has boldly stated "The conventional job search is lifeless", "Companies aren't in the business of hiring, and they're not very good at it", "Your traditional resume may be sabotaging your work search" and "Human Resources are a severe barrier into the hiring process".

Success is measured in results. He has helped thousands by coaching them in a alternative 16, in landing jobs he has designed in years of experience in commercial property marketing and sales and recruitment.

Jay has traveled and lived globally with extensive industry experience in Japan, Australia and Hawaii. In his spare time Jay spends his time together growing vegetables in his backyard in New York and playing guitar along with his friends.

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